How To Generate More Leads: #6 Social Media

How To Generate More Leads: #6 Social Media

Social media has become a fundamental tool in the arsenal of many marketers, and understandably so. Worldwide there are over 3.5 billion social media users – but this tool only functions if you know how to use it! How can you get the most from social media and build some real leads? Follow these proven Dos and Don’ts in Part 6 of our How to Generate More Leads blog series.

Social Media Dos

  1. Choose Wisely. Pick your channels based on the demographic you are targeting. Just because one social media platform has a huge user base doesn’t mean it aligns with your customer base. Do the research and understand what platform(s) are used by your industry and target customers.
  2. Engage. Brands that engage with their customers and prospects have a more personal touch, so follow back, be helpful, reply to comments, and look at social media as a two-way conversation instead of a one-way marketing blast.
  3. Utilize Paid Social. While it may seem unfair to have to ‘pay to play’ on social media, if you’re only interacting with the people who follow your page, you are missing out on a massive amount of users. Each social media platform has different options for paid advertising, so as you continue to evolve your strategy consider using paid options for expanding your reach.
  4. Define your Social-Personality. Consider your brand personality on social media, and make sure it’s consistent with your company’s mission and vision, with the company website, and with other social media platforms. This will bring continuity to your messaging.

Social Media Don’ts

  1. Don’t Be a Self-Promoter. While we stated above that sharing your content is important, don’t make your social media posts all about you. Find and share other related articles and information that would be of interest to your followers.
  2. Don’t Forget About Analytics. Along with all other marketing strategies, social media is another one where you should constantly be evaluating the success of your campaigns. The top B2B platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) have a variety of analytic tools to help assess your performance. Combined with Google Analytics, these tools can help you understand what’s working and what’s not, so you can refine your approach.
  3. Don’t Be an Erratic Participant. Before you jump in, make sure you create a solid plan and have the necessary resources to engage a social platform. If you only post every few months, you’re giving people few reasons to follow or engage with your company.


Social media marketing can be one of your greatest assets if you know how to use it! Remember to be original and share your content! If you’re regularly publishing blog articles, case studies, eBooks, white papers, and other content, don’t be afraid to share it on your social channels. Demonstrating your knowledge and experience shows your skills and gives credibility to your business, and can result in shares, more followers, and therefore more leads and business.

Thanks for participating in our six-part series on Generating More Leads for Your Business. From offline to search engine marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, and social media, combined with a modern, well-designed website, you have the power to impact your marketing success and drive better results for your company.

This six-part series was not an exhaustive, be-all-end-all compilation on how to implement these tactics, but rather an overview of proven strategies and how you might approach them. We would always recommend seeking the advice from experienced marketing professionals if you don’t have the skills in-house.

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