Should Manufacturers Outsource Content Creation?

Content marketing for manufacturing companies plays a major role in a company’s success. Manufacturers may want to outsource content creation to save time and maximize capabilities.

Delivering valuable, quality content to consumers helps to build trust with your audience, gain brand recognition, and position your company as a thought leader. High-quality content helps drive website traffic for manufacturing companies, which helps to increase conversions and generate revenue.

More than anything, it sets you apart from the competition and helps keep you front of mind with consumers. Ninety-two percent of marketers view content as a major asset. But content creation takes time and resources, often getting in the way of everyday tasks requiring your team’s attention.

Keep reading to learn the benefits and reasons for outsourcing content creation.

Key Takeaways

  • Content creation is developing and publishing digital material that helps attract customers and builds deeper relationships with your audience.
  • To outsource content creation is to hire a third-party company or freelance writer to research, write, and publish your content on your company’s behalf.
  • If you’re interested in reducing the workload for your employees, saving money, and increasing flexibility, consider outsourcing your content creation.

What Exactly Is Content Creation?

Content creation is developing and publishing digital material to help build deeper relationships with your customer base. Publishing high-quality digital content will hopefully result in higher engagement, a loyal following, and (ultimately) a long-term sales pipeline.

Content could be any of the following:

  • Case studies
  • How-to guides
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Blog articles
  • E-books
  • Whitepapers
  • Podcasts

The following video provides guiding principles on how to maximize content creation on social media platforms:

Video Source: The Futur on YouTube

Because technology is so impactful, today’s content typically appears digitally. Digital content is highly accessible and easily shareable, helping to increase your reach and impact. Marketers also customize content for a specific target audience since its main goal is to meet the unique needs of particular consumers.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Industrial Companies

When people search for answers to their problems, 48%  begin with a search engine. Digital content provides material for search engines to crawl and index for placement rankings, and a positive user experience showing search engines you’re providing value to your viewers. Digital material also helps to increase visibility and grow a following, which will likely turn into revenue.

Content creation is an important and invaluable aspect of your marketing strategy. It’s also among website must-haves for manufacturing companies, as quality content attracts people to your site and keeps them there longer.

What Does It Mean to Outsource Content Creation?

Content creation is an essential aspect of your strategy for brand marketing for manufacturing companies. However, it’s quite a significant time investment. Someone has to research audience needs and preferences, identify topics of interest, research those topics, craft content, identify high-performing keywords, and develop an effective schedule for best results. Not all teams can afford the manpower it takes to complete this undertaking. That’s when it’s time to consider outsourcing content creation.

Content creation is a multi-step process that takes time and resources.

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To outsource content creation is to hire a third-party company or freelance writer to develop your content for you. They could be ghostwriters whose writing can appear under the name of a representative from your company or as a guest contributor on behalf of your organization. Either way, it’s their responsibility to learn about your industry, your company, and your audience. They’ll research to see what topics resonate, what tone of voice would be most effective, and when published content gets the most engagement.

You can guide them as much or as little as you’d like. Your company can provide parameters or specifics you want the writer to abide by, and they’ll handle the rest. It’s essential to set some ground rules, like who owns the content, its usage, and what writers should or should not include in their materials.

3 Reasons to Outsource Content Creation

While there are several benefits to hiring a third-party content writer, here are three main reasons to outsource content creation.

1. Reduces Workload

A single blog article can take an average of 4 hours to create. That’s four hours someone can’t answer emails and phone calls, enter data, run machinery, or ship out orders. When you assign content creation to an outside party who can focus all of their efforts on that task, you reduce your staff’s workload and enable them to focus on other duties.

Manufacturing businesses have many specialized duties requiring trained personnel, and only certain people can perform those duties. If they’re also in charge of content creation, they can’t reach their full potential, nor can they be as productive as possible.

Allowing workers to be more productive on fewer tasks gives them a greater sense of accomplishment. A positive work environment builds where people want to work, boosts morale, and retains quality workers. It also attracts a larger talent pool as people want to be part of a successful and productive team.

2. Saves Money

Hiring a third-party content writer is usually cheaper than hiring a full-time internal employee. You’re not paying for benefits, taxes, or social security. You also don’t have to office them, so you save room in your building and reduce costs like internet, electricity, and energy to power an office space.

Most freelance workers are hourly employees, so you only pay them for their work while actively writing and researching your article. You can pay them by the project, so if you have some downtime when content creation isn’t a top priority, you’re not paying for that time.

Not only does this make content creation more budget-friendly, but it makes it scalable based on your needs. You can be more strategic with your content plan and create material based on fluctuating demand.

3. Increases Flexibility

Because it’s more affordable, you can hire more writers as needed to maximize productivity. You also have a larger talent pool to pull from, as third-party writing companies offer a variety of experience and industry knowledge. You can also outsource elements of your content creation or entire projects.

You can outsource elements of your content creation or entire projects to best meet your specific needs.

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Outsourcing makes you more flexible, enabling you to cover more topics and deliver more value to your audience. You can increase engagement and expand your market to a more diverse audience, which is great for product innovation, communicating new processes, and spreading the word about your business to more prospects.

Make Content Creation Work for You

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