How To Generate More Leads: #5 Email Marketing

How To Generate More Leads: #5 Email Marketing

Email is a primary lead source for many businesses and is growing bigger every year. Think about the current state of your email inbox (work or personal email): how many of these emails are from a business? Flash sales, webinars, articles, new releases, news, and more. So the real question is… How do you get the most from your email campaigns and ensure you can see a positive ROI each and every time?

The When, What, and Why of a Marketing Email

  1. The Why: The first step in developing your marketing email is to identify the purpose: are you helping prospects solve a common problem? Offering an educational webinar? Promoting a new service? What next step do you want the audience to take? This is your Call To Action (CTA). Be sure the content of your email includes a single clearly defined CTA.
  2. The What: When drafting this email, ensure you are only including current, accurate facts. Keep your sources fresh, and know that it’s up to you to confirm the validity of the information. Another tip is to personalize your emails by using the person’s name, company, and other relevant information. You can accomplish this by collecting basic information at the same time you capture that person’s email, but remember that long forms are rarely completed, so be concise and balance you ask with the value of the offer.
  3. The When: There’s no universal magical day or hour for when emails are read. There is certainly an ideal time to send your emails, but that will be unique to you and your customer base. Experiment with different messages and offers on different days and see what gets the best response from your audience. Check your calendar – if you’re offering a free trial, consider sending that email earlier in the week so the prospect can maximize the offer, or send on a Friday to begin the following week.

Preparing for an Email Marketing Campaign

Testing and analytics are critical for email marketing as they are in all areas of marketing. You need data to know what’s working and what’s not. Before sending, make sure you’ve tested the email out on every device: desktop, tablet, and mobile. The phone is most likely where emails get opened first and a decision is made to keep or delete. If your emails render poorly on phones, your campaigns are likely doomed.

Another part of testing is to called A/B Testing. For example, try sending out two versions of your email with different subject lines, and analyze to see which got the best ‘open’ rate. Many email marketing platforms include A/B testing features, so make sure your platform offers the necessary tools and features to be successful.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure to include an easy-to-use opt-out function, and quickly honor the request.
  • When adding links to your website to the email, remember the path you want them to take and be sure the link brings them to the best landing page.
  • Develop a Lead Nurturing Strategy by investing in a marketing automation suite or by utilizing workflows in your email platform to run simplified multi-email campaigns.

Ultimately, email, like most channels and strategies, is about delivering the right message at the right time to the right person. By taking the time to do the planning and preparation, you can boost your open and click-through rates to generate new leads and business for your company.

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