Boost Your Product Sales with These 7 Tips for Landing Page Optimization for Manufacturers

A landing page is any page a visitor “lands” on when visiting your site. Landing page optimization for manufacturers is crucial to improving product sales.

When visitors have to work hard to find the information they want, they likely will abandon your site and move on to the competition. An optimized page keeps acquisition costs down and encourages visitors to take action and jump into the buying journey.

If your lead generation and sales have been struggling or stagnant, improving your optimization strategy can lead to significant results. Explore these 7 tips to learn how to boost your product sales.

Key Takeaways:

  • An optimized landing page should include a clear CTA and engaging, relevant content.
  • Businesses need to use testing and data to find the ideal format and content for their landing pages.
  • Offer visitors free information, like a whitepaper, in exchange for their information.
  • Social proof is critical to building trust and credibility with your brand.
  • Video can boost conversion rates on landing pages by demonstrating manufacturing products.

What Is Landing Page Optimization?

Landing pages should be a vital part of any successful marketing strategy. When someone searches for keywords related to your business, they will hopefully see ads for your brand. If they click on those ads, it should lead them to a unique landing page. From there, you hope that visitor follows your “call to action” and continues their journey towards becoming a customer.

The goal of any landing page should be to convert visitors into customers. Getting your land page right is the optimization process. This means testing and improving each element until you find the ideal combination of features and content that leads to the most conversions.

The best way to optimize a landing page is to use data instead of relying on your own opinions. What you might think looks good might be pushing customers away.

What Does a Landing Page Include?

Most landing pages include five primary elements.

  • The Copy: The copy is the primary content on the landing page. The information you present here should be clear and engaging. You want copy written for your customers, which makes them want to learn more. An easy-to-read format is crucial in drawing attention to the most critical information.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Every landing page needs a CTA to fulfill its purpose. This is usually formatted as a button or short fillable form. It needs to stand out from the copy. Use contrasting color or surround it with whitespace to distinguish it from the other elements on the page.
  • Trust Indicators: Boost your credibility with positive customer responses. This could be testimonials, reviews, or successful case studies. You can also highlight any awards you’ve won and display logos of well-known clients. These details can help reduce decision-making anxiety for potential customers.
  • Hero Shot: A “hero shot” is usually a large graphic representing the product or service you are offering on the landing page. Use authentic images instead of stock photos as much as possible.
  • Benefit Statement: Include an easy-to-read bulleted list highlighting your product’s benefits. Visitors should quickly understand the problem your product or service solves.

This video showcases the different parts of a landing page and offers some real-world examples.

7 Tips for Landing Page Optimization for Manufacturers

As a manufacturer, optimized landing pages lead to increased conversion rates. Use these 7 tips to help improve your landing pages.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Industrial Companies

1. Test the Elements on Your Landing Page

The first landing page you create will not be your final copy. Optimized pages require frequent testing. Keep track of clicks and CTA responses with each version to see which combination works the best.

Run tests on your landing page elements to maximize conversions

Image Source

2. Keep Landing Pages Simple

Keeping landing pages simple with limited available actions can lead to more conversions. Consider removing navigation options, unnecessary functions, and extra fields on your CTA form. Simple designs and empty spaces give visitors clear expectations while moving graphics and clashing colors can be distracting.

3. Tie Your Landing Page to Your Ad Copy

To reach your landing page, someone had to click on an ad. Use a cohesive style that organically leads from the ad to your landing page. Consider using headlines or CTA text that matches the keywords and messaging from your ads.

4. Keep Page Load Times Short

Internet users have little to no patience for slowly loading web pages, especially if they access your site from a mobile device. Keeping your landing pages simple can help keep load times short. With fast load times, you can minimize your page bounce rate.

5. Offer Free Information and a Follow-Up

Many customers are hesitant about sharing their email addresses. To entice more users, consider offering free, valuable information, such as an eBook or white paper download when they enter their information. To ensure you nurture that lead after the download, follow up with a series of emails or other actions.

6. Boost Your Social Proof

People want to feel secure when making decisions. A simple way to boost that security is with social proof. This idea is that people learn how to respond to situations based on how others act.

Online social proof comes in the form of reviews, recommendations, and other positive mentions. You should have a section on your landing page dedicated to social proof examples. When visitors see these positive reviews of your brand and products, they feel more confident interacting with your company and heading into the sales funnel.

Just like other types of businesses, manufacturing customers read reviews before making a purchase. Encourage your current customers to write reviews and incorporate these into your landing page. Consumers want to see reviews. One 2021 study shows that 26.8% of consumers expect a business to have at least 11-50 reviews before they are considered trustworthy.

Customers want to see reviews before they will trust a businessImage Source

7. Include Video

As a manufacturer, your potential customers want to see your products in action. Consider adding video to your landing pages to showcase how your products work. This can make it easier for visitors to imagine your products in their space.

Trust Your Landing Page Optimization to Shanahan Strategy

Optimized landing pages are an essential part of improving your overall sales. You need visually appealing pages that draw in the right customers and lead to conversions — even with all this knowledge, knowing what information to put where can be challenging.

To help you overcome these challenges, you should trust your optimization to Shanahan Strategy. We are experts in assisting manufacturers like you to create high-performing pages and other marketing materials. You have big sales goals, and we can help you achieve them.

Want to see how Shanahan Strategy can help you succeed? Schedule a free consultation today, and we can evaluate your current marketing status.

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