Content Marketing for Manufacturers: 5 Blog Post Ideas from Operations

Content marketing for manufacturing companies is a highly effective way to increase business. It’s a major factor in driving website traffic for manufacturing companies. Not sure what to write about? You can get blog post ideas from operations in your facility every day.

Blogs are one of the most effective elements of a content marketing strategy. More than 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages every month. Consumers are searching for valuable content that solves their problems, and your blogs could be that resource. Blogs also provide search engines with plenty of content to crawl and rank for SERPs. This grants you more visibility and increases the chance that people will find your company and visit your website. Although thinking of blog topics can be a challenge, it can also be easier than you realize.

Keep reading to discover five blog post ideas from daily operations that can be part of a successful content marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • Blog articles are powerful tools to help connect with your audience and build lasting relationships that result in revenue generation.
  • Before writing a blog post, you must consider goals, reader preferences, and audience needs.
  • Everyday encounters and duties can supply a wealth of ideas for blog posts that will resonate with your audience and drive business growth.

Things to Consider When Blog Writing

When blogs provide value to readers, include high-performing keywords to match searches, and resonate with users’ needs, they can play a major role in your business’s success. A quality blog can help set you apart from the competition while driving business to your site. It’s one of the SEO basics for manufacturing and industrial companies.

Whatever topic you choose to write about, each post should address:

  • Purpose: Identify the goal of your article. It could entice people to buy a product, visit your website, or download a lead magnet such as an ebook. The purpose of your post will shape the content you create.
  • Audience: With content marketing, your audience is a top priority. Conduct research that reveals important demographics and insight about your readers. This information can help you know who they are and how and when to reach them for the greatest success.
  • Relevance: Knowing your audience helps you understand their needs, which can help you choose topics that answer questions and address current concerns in your industry. Blog posts must be relevant to resonate with your readers.

Blog posts are more than a way to build awareness and boost SEO. They’re a powerful tool for connecting with your audience, establishing yourself as an authority in your field, and driving traffic to your site for more conversions and greater revenue generation.

The following video provides more detailed tips on how to create an effective blog post and offers a downloadable cheat sheet to simplify the process:

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5 Blog Post Ideas from Operations

Coming up with new content can be difficult. However, you can find inspiration in your routine duties. You handle issues every day that your audience would find valuable. Here are five blog post ideas from operations that could help boost your content marketing strategy.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Industrial Companies

1. Customer Interactions

Your team interacts with your customers daily to answer questions, promote products, and complete transactions. Think about the questions people ask or the concerns they broach in chat forums and customer service calls. Create posts that address these issues so that everyone can benefit from the answer. Perhaps there’s confusion about how a product works. Post a demonstration video to show users the features and function of that product to answer questions and increase confidence in making a purchase.

Video content plays a major role in consumer purchase decisions.

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Reviews and feedback will also give you blog topic ideas. Any information your audience shares is a clue into what’s going on in the consumer’s mind. Use that to formulate topics that meet the need and resonate with your readers. Even if it only initially reaches your customers, they’ll likely share it with others who share their same interests, broadening your reach and granting you more exposure.

2. Meeting Notes

Most industrial businesses have a weekly staff meeting to go over projects, issues, and status updates. Employee interactions and phone calls throughout the day also provide information about what’s happening within the company. Keep notes throughout these meetings to spark ideas for possible blog topics that the public would find beneficial.

Tell people the problems you’ve encountered and how you’ve conquered them. Share things you’ve learned the hard way to help flatten the learning curve for others. This transparency can make your company more personal and help build deeper relationships with your audience. All of this could provide real value to your readers and compel them to consume, engage with, and share your content.

3. Industry Updates

As you conduct your everyday operations, you’re likely to encounter industry updates. Technological advancements, new machinery, or a more effective and efficient way of streamlining processes can be a game-changer for your business and others in the industry. These updates could spark blog articles that are strictly educational, explaining in detail what the new information is and how it impacts the industry. You could also write about how your specific company is adopting these changes and what it means for the end-user.

Blog posts that outline these updates can be a great resource for your audience. Not only is it newsworthy information, but it can also be highly beneficial to the reader to understand current trends and how these changes improve your operations.

4. Onboarding Questions

With a turnover rate of around 57%, every company eventually hires new employees. The onboarding process is a great way to learn what questions people who are relatively unfamiliar with your company may have about your systems, products, and processes. Take note of questions asked by new employees and look for patterns or recurring concepts. These could make great blog posts to educate your readers about your business or specific equipment or processes.

If you write about a brand partner, link to them in your article. It’ll help with SEO, give you a wider reach, and offer more valuable resources to your audience. A post comparing different pieces of equipment and why you chose the one you did can help other businesses with their purchase decisions. This gives you credibility and builds trust in your readers. Onboarding questions can be a huge help in developing a quality content strategy.

5. Case Studies

Every company conducts its own research to find the best products, partners, or processes to build a successful business. The results of these studies make for excellent blog content. People want to know about recent discoveries in their industry. They want to learn from your experience, and they want hard facts to support and guide their actions. Case studies are an invaluable tool that keeps them abreast of current trends and educates them for their business success.

Blog posts that report findings position you as a thought leader, establish you as a reliable resource, and strengthen your reputation as a dependable company that reports factual and trustworthy information. All of this helps to build a following and increase conversions for business growth and success.

Maximize your case study by providing reliable resources, trusted materials, and multiple versions for easy access.

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Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

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